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How It Works?

FreeHostingResell makes it possible for hosting services to be resold without any initial cost or recurrent cost. So after registration a Reseller would need to point his domain name to his panel, either a new domain or a domain already registered from any Registrar. The site is ready as soon as the domain has been correctly pointed though the reseller can then change the template and also modify texts and images from the reseller panel.

The prices are determined by the Reseller. There is an option to set any amount greater than the default cost but not lesser. When a price is set then an order is placed, the difference becomes the Reseller's profit. Profit calculation is available immediately when the order has been completed, the statistics of all earnings are then displayed for the Reseller to see from his panel. The customer's billing and user area remains the same for all Resellers as this was built specifically for this purpose.

Why you should use or move to FreeHostingResell

There are so many reasons why we advise you to use FreeHostingResell or move your existing web hosting business to us.

If you already manage a webhosting platform you would agree with me that there are several things you need to pay for before you can start making profits. Our platform solves almost every problem you have been facing or would face managing your web hosting business. Some are as follows;

1) Start Up Cost:
If you want to start reselling your own web hosting servers, what they would offer you is a reseller package where you have to pay Monthly. So if you start with a basic package of $70 Monthly example, this means your business would continue to pay $70 Monthly until you can get customers to use your webhosting and then order above your cost price before you can start making profit.
  • Our Solution :
On FreeHostingResell, you don’t need to pay a dime to be able to resell with us, this makes it possible for you to focus on just Marketing while the cost of renting a server Monthly remains at zero cost to you and your business.

2) Server Limitation:
In continuation from the point explained above, there is a limit given to you for each package. Sometimes you buy a reseller package that would only accept 200 accounts or lesser, so this means that you can only have a max of 200 hosting accounts for that server if you want more you would need to either upgrade to pay more or you buy another package to make it two.
  • Our Solution :
There is no limit towards how many accounts, orders or users that are allowed from your custom reseller site. Also, you don’t need to pay anything to accommodate more accounts or orders!

3) Support:
Every successful webhosting business would outline support as one of the major factor towards their success. The cost of support in some webhosting companies is over 40% of the running costs incurred Monthly. In some smaller companies, efficient support is almost not possible because of the huge cost towards achieving this. One Man reseller company would only be able to provide support when he is available and in good health!
  • Our Solution :
This is a major solution and we make sure all customers use the Ticket system or the Live chat to reach our support Staffs. Resellers don’t need to worry about support, we provide a fully white labeled support system to all users on the Network. Customers would receive the email responses from your own domain and email sender name set from your FHR reseller panel and everything linked to your website and Company name.

4) Web Design:
Web design cost is a major cost to be incurred if you want to start your own webhosting business. Either you want to build with WordPress or you want to design your custom website you would need to hire a web designer and their service charge would depend on the Country where they are hired from.
  • Our Solution :
This cost is totally eradicated as we have already provided a gallery of ready to use custom web hosting templates which can be selected from your reseller panel easily. Just change the image and modify texts which take effects on your reseller site immediately! You can still decide to build your own custom front end with Wordpress or any CMS if you don’t like any of the Pre-Built templates made for you.

5) WHMCS Recurring License:
before now, WHMCS has dominated the web space. If you are looking for something easy with lots of automations for your hosting then WHMCS always is the choice for several hosting managers. So with this, web hosting companies already know they would need to pay the WHMCS license Monthly and it varies depending on the option selected.
  • Our Solution :
Because we know many customers already use WHMCS, we built something simpler than WHMCS! Our custom inbuilt billing portal will be used by all Resellers and it is available for free for their customers. In order to make sure all our solutions are completely free, we made sure we built a custom hosting billing management system which is even simpler than all other solutions out there.

6) Reselling Price/Cost Price:
So many factors actually determine your selling price; your cost for providing support, web hosting design, cost of marketing, cost price and so on. Majorly, the most important factor that affects your selling price is how much you pay for this server Monthly. Why many people say web hosting services are not profitable is because there are too many costs associated with you reselling.
  • Our Solution :
we have taken care of most of the cost for you already and there is no limitation, just set your price! Example; if our default cost for Package A is $5 Monthly, all you just need to do is to set an amount higher than $5. So with this you can freely set your own cost since you are not running additional daily cost of management. Some resellers can just add a 5% price increase and they would still make enough profits Monthly this is possible because we have eliminated all other unnecessary costs associated with running your own web hosting business. The cost you want to set is your own choice; you can even set above 500% profit margin, this you can do as you wish!

7) Payment Options:
Not just for web hosting businesses, if you are running an online business you would agree with me that payment online could be an issue especially if you want to cover a global Market. Some payment options are not suitable for all regions. Sometimes some customers would complain that they are not able to make payment there by limiting the number of potential customers.
  • Our Solution :
We have prepared a whole lot of payment options and we still keep adding more as they get approved. We also easily accept cryptocurrencies for customers who would love to use those options.

8) Security & Maintenance:
After designing your custom website if you are not a web designer yourself, then you should be ready to pay some professionals each time you want to do some website modifications. Constant security check is a constant thing for companies who want to remain in business as webhosting websites are prone to constant DDOS attacks and other advanced malware infusion try.
  • Our Solution :
Since all reseller’s website are hosted with us, they are automatically on our regular Maintenance and security checks too. DDOS is installed for all resellers and other security threats too are constantly being checked for.

Customer Panel

The customer's panel was built by our team of developers to accommodate the dynamism of the FreeHostingResell platform. It focuses on simplicity & security. This Panel replaces the popular WHMCS making it possible for all it's features to also exist on our customer panel.

Server Locations

Our shared hosting servers, VPS & Dedicated servers exist in the US, while the VPS Cloud are in the following locations; USA, FINLAND, GERMANY, SPAIN, SINGAPORE, NETHERLANDS, POLAND & UNITED KINGDON.


By default, we provide support for all your customers making it possible for you and your team to focus on Marketing and SEO. We provide all supports needed via Calls, Tickets, Live chats, Skype & Whatsapp. This is a very important factor towards the success of any web hosting platform and we are committed towards providing excellent support to all customers, both Resellers and all end users. Some advantages of excellent support are;

  • Return Sales
  • Trust &
  • Reference

Withdrawal Fees

There is a compulsory 5% charge for withdrawals. This will be deducted from the amount to be withdrawn and the difference will be sent to your chosen withdrawal method.

Server Automation

Our servers are created instantly when orders have been processed and payment verified. This will increase efficiency and improve customer's experience.

Looking for more information?

So? You aren't still interested? Or are you still looking for more info?
Here are some real life situations why you should use FreeHostingResell!

Do other stuffs

You don't need to do anything except from advertising which also can be automated.

It Worths It

You are sure of your site making profit one day, so this definately will worth it!

Monthly Income

If you have up to 200 customers paying for VPS or DED Monthly, just quit your job!

Nothing To Loose

Since you dind't pay anyting to start, you loose nothing to quit also! so give it a try!